About Us

We aren’t your average freight or moving company, we provide customized solutions to suit your individual needs whether a one off or ongoing.
We have Box Body, Curtain-side, and Flat-deck Trucks, plus we have access to other sizes and arrangements as and when needed.
Whether your need is to send a large heavy item, palletalized freight, or whole truck load (Such as moving house), or you have ongoing requirements (Such as needing excess packages shifted) then we can make a customized solution to fit your needs.
No 2 jobs are the same, so why settle for a job suited for someone else?
We don’t handle products often and don’t load, unload, load, unload the trucks several times between pickup and drop-off minimizing the risk of damages and the labour / time of moving items around gives the best price and time for your items to be delivered safely.
Our Current bases are:
Auckland Hamilton Wellington Christchurch Dunedin
We also service anywhere from Cape Reinga to Bluff or anywhere in between.
All Items transported by us are fully insured as long as the items are packed correctly, If we pack any items, these are fully insured. If you pack your own items then please remember it is your responsibility to make sure the items are packed correctly in there box, or have protective bubblewrap etc around them.

Our vision is simple, provide a unique to market approach by delivering the unique opportunities that arise.
Too often we are left in the cold wondering who we can get to deliver that oversized item, or how can we get volume based freight from one location to another other than renting a truck, or it might be as simple as moving house, we have you covered.
We aim to fulfill this part of the market which is under utilized and rather expensive at present. But it doesn’t need to be. We even pass on our backhaul pricing to our clients as opportunities arise.

Our Values are:
Be on time, fast and efficient services.
100% customer satisfaction at all times.
Take pride in our promises to return all items to the destination as they were picked up.


Current team list is currently being updated please ignore the bellow information.

Jeff Martin


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Robin Samson


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Kate Warren


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Steve Smith


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We Are

On time

We aim for 100% of our deliveries being on time, we usually succeed in this, unless there is extreme circumstances such as the impact the Kaikoura earthquake has had on us.


When you choose Custom Freight you know we are a name you can count on to have your products delivered how they were picked up.


Because of the way we manage our freight we are an efficient service, this means generally we are more affordable too.