Distribution Partnerships

At Custom Freight NZ, we can cart your items on a regular basis, daily even if required. We treat our regular customers as partnerships more than just customers giving a slightly different approach and an edge for distribution and marketing reasons.


Whether its a point to point, point to many, or many to many we have solutions to solve your distribution needs.


We can cart your items on a 365 Days a year basis, this means less headaches for your business.


We have a range of options available, and tailor make a plan to suit your individual business needs, no two businesses are the same or have the same needs, so why have a distrbutorship partner who doesn’t offer the best for your business?


If you are looking for a Distributor Partner to cart your items on a Daily, Weekly, or whatever basis make sure your first port of call is Custom Freight, We will sit down and find out exactly what it is you are wanting from your distributor, and come up with a plan together to initiate the partnership. If you currently have a distributor but wanting to look to see how we can help, then feel free to setup a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs and what we can offer your business.


Email distribution@customfreight.co.nz to get the ball rolling.