Ongoing Carting / Deliveries


Are you looking for someone to continually do your carting / deliveries on a regular basis?


We can arrange a contractual agreement to cart your needs on a regular basis in a timely fashion, your items are preferential items so you can be assured they will be delivered as and when required.


At custom freight we can provide a service where we can deliver your ongoing freight, Whether this is newspapers, bread, milk, glass, general items, pallets, cages, or any other freight we can come to an arrangement that suits.


Don’t settle for second best, make sure your items are delivered on time every time, (Subject to mother nature and other accidents outside of our control)


Whether you need Volumetric Freight, Full Truck Loads, or any other needs we can still come to arrangement for advertising on our trucks for our ongoing clients.


If you have distribution / cartage contract coming up, don’t miss out contact us for great rates, great services, and a customized experience.


Refrigerated / freezer options are available


Our trucks come in a wide range of sizes and configurations so please do let us know your requirements and we can tailor a plan to suit your individual needs.


All items (upto $5,000) are insured against accidental damages whilst in our possession, this gives you some security that your items will be well looked after and in the unfortunate event they aren’t we will get a claim resolved quickly. For items valued $5,001+ please make sure your items are covered by your current insurance provider, and that your policy covers the transit period as well (Many do)


Our trucks are modern, and watertight, box body trucks with tail lifts (or ramps) for easy access, and in a range of sizes, We also have Curtainside trucks with Tail-lifts, and flat decks, but on the odd occasion we may hire one specifically for the task at hand, we have access to a wide range of trucks available to us if we need them.


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